Community Service Hours

As of August 2017, Community Service Hour guidelines have changed.

Please see your counselor with any questions for hours that were completed prior to August 2017.

You must use both of these forms to have your hours approved by guidance and then placed on your transcript. 

Community Service Form

Hours required for Bright Futures Eligibility: 
Florida Academic Scholars: 100 Hours 
Florida Medallion Scholars: 75 Hours
Florida Gold Seal Vocational: 30 Hour 

The community service project must be pre-approved by your counselor before you begin your hours, and it must address a social problem or concern.
Community service projects will not accepted if they were completed:
For a family member
Prior to the summer before entering Grade 9

Please follow these guidelines to earn credit for your hours.
Guidelines for students:
1. Obtain the required forms from the school website or your guidance counselor
2. Develop a written community service plan which addresses a social problem or concern.
3. Submit the plan to your counselor for approval before you begin your community service.
4. All community service will begin the summer prior to entering high school.
5. Submit community service documentation to your counselor upon completion of the approved activity.

Suggested Categories for Service: All organizations must be non-profit Your community service hours must address one or more of the following social concerns and be part of a non-profit organization.
• SERVICE TO YOUTH: Provide leadership, guidance, and activities for the youth in your community. Ex: collect toys for holidays, volunteer at hospitals.
• QUALITY OF LIFE: Work towards improving the standard of living for the residents of your community. Ex: food collection drives, Humane Society dog wash, animal food collection.
• SERVICE TO SENIOR CITIZENS: Provide opportunities for senior citizens to enhance independent living or assist with promoting a quality life. Ex: assist with reading and writing letters, provide entertainment like BINGO games, food collection, grocery shopping.
• HEALTH/SAFETY: Volunteer services to promote the health, welfare and safety of the residents of your community. Ex: Relay for Life, March of Dimes, and disaster relief.
• DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED AND/OR PHYSICALLY DISABLED: Volunteer your services in an effort to improve and enrich the lives of the mentally and physically disabled. Ex: Special Olympics, assist in group homes, collect toys, art supplies.
• ENVIRONMENT/HISTORICAL PRESERVATION: Volunteer your services to promote and encourage the preservation of the environment and/or the protection of historical sites. Ex: community beautification projects, beach clean-up, museums, historical research.
• ARTS/CULTURE: Volunteer your services to encourage the growth of the arts in your community. Ex: help with gallery exhibitions, auctions, creative art camp, usher at fundraising performances.