Summer School

Summer School 2024


Summer school is utilized to remediate students in courses already attempted for high school credit. The allocations will be used for the courses needed most by the students served. This program is for face-to-face instruction with a focus on remediating the standards of the course at the cognitive complexity level dictated by the FLDOE course description. It is important to understand that school bus transportation is being provided based on the students that sign up in advance for summer school. The bus stop may not be the same as during the regular school year depending on availability. A list of available bus stops will be placed on the website and sent out once they are created.

Credit Recovery Labs


Students may recover credit through Edgenuity for a course they previously took and did not pass. The available recovery courses are listed below:

Algebra I
Algebra II
Math for College Algebra
Math for College Stats

English I
English II
English III
English IV


Environmental Science

U.S. History
World History
American Government