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Performing & Fine 
Arts Magnet

Instrumental Track

Please contact Jon Brown with questions about the instrumental track.

Woodwinds/Brass (Band)

Woodwinds and Brass players can either complete a Wind Ensemble audition or do the following:

  • Perform at least eight major scales from memory.
  • Perform the chromatic scale, two octaves.
  • Perform the FBA All State technical étude (available at www.flmusiced.org/FBA)


In addition, performers will be asked to prepare one additional selection:

  • Perform one other solo or étude (approximately 1 minute in length) of your choosing


Percussion (Band)

Percussionists must demonstrate proficiency in multiple areas by performing the following études:



String players must complete the following requirements:

  • Prepare two major scales, with arpeggios, according to ability.
  • Prepare one piece of solo literature, approximately 2 minutes in length. Classical music such as sonatas, concertos, unaccompanied suites and partitas, and most selections from Suzuki are acceptable.
  • Perform one sight reading excerpt of approximately eight measures with 15 seconds’ silent preparation time.



  • Perform from memory the C, G, or D major scale, one octave with arpeggio.
  • Perform from memory the A, E, or B natural minor scale, one octave with arpeggio.
  • Perform two of the following selections:



  • Perform from memory the C, G, or D major scale, two-handed, one octave with arpeggio.
  • Perform the chromatic scale, two-handed, one octave.
  • Perform two of the following selections:

Vocal Track

Please contact Yelitza Greene with questions about the vocal track.

Students should arrive to vocal auditions with the following prepared:

  • Recommendation letter from a music teacher (e.g. chorus director or private voice teacher) testifying to the student’s abilities and character.  The form can be found here: Vocal Track Recommendation
  • One prepared piece in a classical style (art song, aria, musical theatre, or other material from the classical repertoire.)  Please bring sheet music or book (a copy is allowed) in the key to be sung OR an accompaniment track (instrumental without your voice part) on a flash drive.  We will have a piano accompanist, if music is provided. Singing a cappella is not an option.
  • Sight Reading.  The type of exercise that will be sight read can be found here: Sample Sight-Reading
  • Meeting with student and parent/guardian.

Students will be evaluated on preparedness, tone quality, stage presence, ability, and potential.

Theatre Track

Please contact Alex Mendez-Napoleoni with questions about the theatre track.

There are three options for students auditioning for the theatre track.

Option 1

Prepare two (2) contrasting monologues (dramatic/comedic or classical/contemporary), not to exceed 3 minutes total.

Option 2

Prepare one monologue and 90 seconds of a solo musical theatre song (no pop/rock songs.) You must provide an accompaniment track to use for your audition.

Option 3

Prepare a tech portfolio demonstrating proficiency in technical theatre and design. Be prepared to present your work and describe your process/vision.

Your Portfolio can include any of the following:

  • Costume Design: Drawings, paintings, garments you have made. These do not need to be theatrical if you happen to do fashion work for other areas.
  • Lighting Design: Drawings, paintings, photography, drafting/lighting plots, etc.
  • Scene Design: Drawings, paintings, still life, drafting, etc.
  • Stage Management: Prompt scripts, cue sheets, ground plans, rehearsal notes, programs, etc.
  • Technical Direction: Drafting samples, objects you have built, photographs, production paperwork, etc.

Dance Track

Please contact Elise Mele with questions about the dance track.

The dance track requires a live audition. Applicants can expect to:

  • Perform a guided ballet center warm up.
  • Perform a jazz combination across-the-floor.
  • Perform a modern center combination.
  • The audition will end with improvisation.

Applicants will be evaluated on performance quality, memorization, and overall technique in each style for placement in the appropriate level class. At your audition, please observe the following:


  • Girls: Black leotard OR black fitted shirt with black leggings OR black pants OR pink tights. Convertible tights are highly recommended.
  • Boys: Black fitted shirt with black fitted pants or shorts.
  • Please, no bike shorts or crop tops.


  • Ballet shoes, jazz shoes, or barefoot.
  • Tennis shoes are not permissible.


  • If your hair is long enough, please have it in a bun.
  • Hair should not be in the dancer’s face.


  • Small studs for the ears are fine.
  • No dangling or excessive jewelry is allowed.

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Vision Statement

To be the top producer of successful students in the nation and empower them to lead with integrity, to open minds, and to transform the world.

Mission Statement

To lead our students to success and to develop international-minded lifelong learners who are collaborative, communicative, and respectful by fostering a safe environment that promotes inquiry through holistic learning.

IB Diploma Programme History

The International Baccalaureate Program at University High School includes the 9th and 10th grade Pre-IB Program and the 11th and 12th grade IB Diploma Program.

The Pre-IB Program at UHS began in the 1999-2000 school year with its first freshman class. The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) authorized affiliation in July 2000 and the first group of IB students graduated in 2003.

The IB offers a variety of liberal arts courses that appeal to both the humanities and science-oriented students. While the strong academic program prepares IB students for challenging college classes, students may also earn college credits in advance, depending on the scores they receive on their IB assessments.


Beyond academic rigor, the IB Programme...

1. Can positively impact university admission.
2. Develops  leadership and  time management skills
3. Instills critical thinking and research skills
4. Produces strong communicators
5. Is a family of successful students.