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Welcome to the  University High School Cougar Credit Union

Cougar Credit is a Positive Behavioral Interventions Systems that rewards students for meeting and exceeding University High School's Community Expectations. It is designed to recognize and reward students for good choices rather than focus on poor choices.

Points are earned and can be redeem for very real prizes, including tickets to events, healthy snacks, and a host of items donated by our generous community members. Any member of the University High School Staffulty can reward points to students, but only administrators are allowed to deduct.

There are ten times as many ways to earn points as there are to loose them, so the impact is positive for everyone!

Ways to Earn Cougar Credit

Students can earn Cougar Credit for displaying Cougar P.R.I.D.E. and being:


There is no limit to the total points you can earn, and any UHS Staffulty member can give you points! Here are some examples of how you can earn every day:

You should be able to see a point value, even if it is 0. Can't see a number balance? Check your student ID number. If you are new to UHS, se a Dean to make sure your name has been added to the roster.

*All items subject to availability. Certain Restrictions apply. See a UHS Dean for details, questions, or special requests.