Summer Athletic Clearance Process

The University Athletic Training Department has limited availability during the summer. We will be answering emails and clearing athletic profiles on Mondays & Thursdays from 8 AM - 1 PM.

Athletic Clearance Process:

  • Students must get cleared prior to any athletic participation.
  • As a reminder, there is a 48 business hour grace period after submitting your Athletic Clearance and after making any changes to your profile. Please be patient, as we must manually check all student-athlete profiles from all sports.
  • In season sports have priority for clearances. If you are emailing for an off-season sport, please be patient as we work on clearing in-season student-athletes first.
  • The Preparticipation Physical Evaluation is valid for 365 calendar days from the date the physical was done.
  • Please visit the following website to create or check the status of your account:

 Clearance Windows: 

  • Student-athletes participating in summer conditioning or weightlifting: submit by 5/27/22
  • Marching Band and Color Guard: submit by 7/8/22
  • Student-athletes participating in fall sports [cross county, football, girls volleyball]: submit by 7/22/22
  • Student-athletes participating in fall sports [bowling, cheer, golf, swimming]: submit by 8/5/22

University High School In-Season Sports:

  • Fall Sports:
    • Bowling, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Golf, Football, Swimming, Girls Volleyball
  • Winter Sports:
    • Basketball, Cheerleading, Soccer, Girls Weightlifting, Wrestling
  • Spring Sports:
    • Baseball, Flag Football, Lacrosse, Softball, Tennis, Track & Field, Boys Volleyball, Water Polo, Boys Weightlifting

Athletic Clearance FAQs:

Where can I find the forms I need?

  • FHSAA EL2 physical form & OCPS Cardiology form:
    • If you only need the EL2 forms OR the Cardiology form, you are able to print either separately in the print settings.
  • ECG results: Provided by organization who completed your ECG

When can I begin completing my account for the 2022-2023 school year?

You can begin completing your Athletic Clearance account for the 2022-2023 school year once you have all the above forms completed and in your possession.

Do I need an ECG?

Per OCPS, all student-athletes, marching band, color guard, sea cadets, and competitive dance students are required to have an ECG completed prior to participation for the 2022-2023 school year. For incoming 9th graders and new students, only an ECG completed after January 1st, 2022 will be accepted. If the student-athlete was in high school for the 2021-2022 school year and completed the Athletic Clearance process including the ECG, these students do not need to get another ECG. Only one is required per four years in high school.

What is my Username?

Your username is the email address you registered with. We highly recommend not using a student OCPS email address to register. 

What if I want to play multiple sports or want to choose a different sport later?

If you know you are going to play multiple sports when registering, it is best to add all sports on the first step where you also select the school year and school. If you are registering for additional sports after completing your initial clearance for the year, you will have to complete the process again. However, you will be able to select the student and parent/guardian information from the dropdown on those respective pages to autofill. 

What if I have more than one child? Do I need to create separate accounts for each?

No. Once you click on ‘Start Clearance Here’ in your dashboard, you will select the year and school for whichever child you are completing it for. It will then give you the option of selecting a current child in your account, or adding another child. All children will then appear in your dashboard. You will have to complete all required steps and documentation for each child. 

How do I turn in my forms to get cleared for athletics?

All forms need to be uploaded to your Athletic Clearance account under the files section of the profile. Please do not email me your forms. Please do not drop your forms off at the school. I will not be able to clear you if you email or drop off forms. 

Why haven’t I been cleared?

The Athletic Training staff at University High School will review the information you have submitted and either Clear or Deny each student-athlete for participation. Please allow at least 48 business hours for this process. If the student-athlete is cleared you will receive an email stating they are cleared. If something is missing or completed incorrectly, you will receive an email notification stating the student-athlete was denied. The email will also include steps you will need to take to obtain clearance for the student-athlete. Student-athletes are NOT allowed to participate of any kind until they are cleared. 

Still have questions?

Please contact Christina Farley at [email protected] or Kelsy Wickham at [email protected]

 Returning players need to create a new profile for next year? 
 Do they have to reload their physical and ECG?

  • Log into the SAME profile from 21-22 (if they do not remember their log in information have them email me, I can look it up!)
  • If physical is still valid – re-upload current physical
  • If new physical – upload new physical
  • ECG documents (results and OCPS Cardiology form) do not necessarily have to be re-uploaded, I did data entry on all profiles for that information to roll over as long as they use the same profile