Veterinary Assisting

Veterinary Assisting

The Veterinary Assisting program is divided into three courses: Animal Care Giver, Kennel Tech and Veterinary Assistant. Training stresses understanding and performing the basics in the animal industry and or a veterinary hospital: Animal Care Giver: sanitation, safety, restraint and control of select species, Kennel Tech: kennel production management, employability skills, animal behavior, client education, preventive medicine; and Vet Assistant: basic lab diagnostic tests, surgical assisting, pharmacy protocol and posology. Adults with a grade average of 80% upon the completion of the second course are eligible for external work experience. All students must complete an external work experience in order to qualify for their industry certification Certified Veterinary Assistant (CVA).


Course Progression:

Year 1 8111510 Veterinary Assisting 1
Year 2 8111540 Veterinary Assisting 2
Year 3 8111550 Veterinary Assisting 3
Year 4 8111520 Veterinary Assisting 4


Certification(s) Available:

  • Certified Veterinary Assistant (CVA), Animal Care Technologies