School Locker Payment

Locker Type Schoolpay Link
School Locker Pay your school locker rental with Schoolpay.

Price per lock: $3.00

Once payment has been made, students must do the following:
1- Print or have your online payment confirmation available.
2- Choose a locker location near your 4th period class. Pick 2 in case your 1st choice is not available.
3- Bring locker information to Student Services to register your locker and receive the combination.

Locker Contract Policies & Procedures

  • Lockers are the property of OCPS & University High School. Their use is a PRIVILEGE. Abuse of this privilege or misuse of lockers may result in your privilege being revoked without refund.

  • You are expected to keep your locker and the area surrounding it clean.

  • Students are responsible for school equipment & books issued to them stored in the lockers.

  • UHS recommends that you do not leave money or valuable items in your locker. UHS is not responsible for items lost or stolen from lockers.

  • Lockers can be searched at any time without the notice, consent, knowledge or presence of the student if the administration has reasonable suspicion of a violation of the law or COC.

  • Sharing lockers and/or combinations is not advised by UHS.

  • Going to your locker is not an excuse for being late to class. It is your responsibility to plan ahead!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding lockers, please see the Student Services Office.