Code of Conduct


Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) has developed the Code of Student Conduct (Code) to help students, parents, and school personnel understand the guidelines for maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment. The Code applies to all OCPS students in Kindergarten through Grade 12, including high school and school age students attending either a technical center in a dual-enrollment program or a community school program for high school credit.

Each OCPS student must obey OCPS rules and the Code:

• While on school grounds;

• While being transported to or from school at public expense;

• During school-sponsored activities, including, but not limited to distance learning, field trips, athletic functions, and similar activities; and

• If appropriate, any other area as permitted by Florida Statutes and/or State Board of Education Rules.

Schools may also have the authority to discipline students for acts near or related to the school or when a student’s conduct may harm the health, safety, or welfare of the student, of other students, of the school or of school personnel. In addition, while students may be disciplined for offenses according to the responses outlined in the Code, please be aware that there could be additional consequences through law enforcement for acts that violate the law.


Notice of Limited Responsibility for Supervising Students Before or After School Activities

OCPS employees are not responsible for supervising students who arrive on school grounds more than 30 minutes before school and/or 30 minutes before a school-sponsored activity is scheduled to begin or students remaining on school grounds more than 30 minutes after school and/or 30 minutes after the school-sponsored activity ends. OCPS is not responsible for supervising students not in attendance at school, or students not authorized to participate in school-sponsored activities. Casual or incidental contact between OCPS personnel and students on school grounds shall not result in a duty to supervise students. Parents/guardians should not rely on OCPS employees to provide supervision for their child outside of the aforementioned time period. Nothing in this section precludes OCPS from administering discipline for acts or behavior that occur on OCPS property.

Please click link below to access a digital version of the OCPS Code of Student Conduct: