OCPS LaunchED Technology Handbook

Please click here to purchase a laptop sleeve.

Students, please try the following troubleshooting steps before visiting the media center for help:
  • Setup instructions
  • Check that the laptop is properly charged
  • Restart the computer
  • Hard reset by pressing and holding the power button down, let it stay off for at least 1 minute and then turn it back on
    • Hold the button down for 10-15 seconds for the Lenovo
    • Hold the button down for 25-30 seconds for the HP

If you owe a digital device fine, please use these schoolpay links to pay:

charger fine
device fine

All students should restart their laptop once a week while on campus. This allows the device to receive any updates necessary for operating at the optimum level. It must be done using the cursor on screen, and must be done on campus while connected to the school server. Please follow the directions below:

Step 1- make sure you are on campus connected to the school server "OCPS Secured"

Step 2- click on the windows icon at the bottom left of the screen
Windows Icon

Step 3- click on the power button icon
Power Button

Step 4- click on restart
Click to restart