University High’s clubs and organizations serve many people and purposes. Some are service oriented, helping the community surrounding UHS and the greater Orlando area. Some help to augment what they learn during classes or apply what they learn to club projects. Other clubs explore topics around a common interest that aren’t covered by classes offered at UHS.

Regardless of their purpose, all of university’s organizations promote friendship, fellowship, and the values that make our students better and more involved citizens as they grow.

Each club may have its own set of requirements and responsibilities. Students are made aware of these before joining. Each club has a faculty or staff sponsor who is responsible for assuring that the club is run responsibly.

Come find out about all the Clubs that UHS has to offer and join! 
There is something for everyone - get involved in your high school experience!

As clubs meet during the school year, they will be given the opportunity to create web pages for their club. 

The Extracurricular Activities Link has a list of Clubs and information for their Club Sponsors as it becomes available.