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Parents and students here is some very important information regarding the Universal Mask Mandate that takes effect through October 30th so that we can all be on the same page.  

Starting on Monday, August 30th, face masks are required while in buildings and buses, NOT outside.  Therefore, students may not be wearing masks while in outdoor hallways, the courtyard, at a football game, etc.  This is acceptable under the mask mandate but also remember that we have expanded seating for lunches to help with social distancing already.

In regard to student compliance with masks.  We WILL hold students accountable for their wearing of masks in the buildings and classrooms.  

The following face-covering types are approved for compliance with the temporary face mask requirement: commercially produced and disposable masks (face masks with exhalation valves are not permitted); cloth face masks and face masks with clear panels which cover both the nose and mouth and fit snugly against the sides of the face with little to no gaps (the material must be solid; no lace, mesh, or other largely porous material).  Neck gaiters and neck buffs are not permitted. Face shields may be worn in conjunction with a face mask, but cannot be used in lieu of a face-covering described above.

In regard to mask exemptions, the only way that a student may be exempt out of wearing a mask indoors as of August 30th, through October 30th, is if they provide a valid medical exemption.  All prior mask exemption notes from the parents are null and void and DO NOT exempt a student from wearing a mask under this new mandate.  

Last week, we ensured that every teacher has extra masks to hand out on Monday as needed and our leadership team will continue to carry masks with us while out on duty throughout the day.   Additional PPE is always available as needed throughout the school.

Though we encourage you to follow UHS on social media, we would like to remind you that our primary methods of communication for events and news is our Connect Orange messenger system and our Remind Texts. You should be receiving emails, text messages and phone calls through the Connect Orange system. Please visit UHS if you need to update contact info to ensure you are receiving calls at the correct number and emails at the correct address. 

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