Marine Corps Junior ROTC



The mission of University High School's MCJROTC program is to develop citizens of strong moral character who are dedicated to serving their nation and community and to pursuing excellence in all facets of life.



Glenn Schmid
Major, USMC (Ret)
Senior Marine Instructor
Office:  407 482-8700 
Email:  [email protected]

Stanley Powell
Master Gunnery Sergeant, USMC (Ret)
Marine Instructor
Office:  407 482-8700
Email:  [email protected]





* You must join the military after graduation.

* JROTC is not a recruiting program. There is no military requirement or commitment.

* You must wear a uniform every day.

* The uniform is typically worn one day out of the week.

* Male cadets must get a buzz haircut.

*Conservative haircuts and styles are required. Zero to three inches, tapered.

* JROTC is for boys only.

* Many cadets are female. Much of the leadership is female.

* If you are in JROTC you can’t be in other activities such as band, sports, or other clubs.

* You can do both. JROTC is a class that allows you to do both. You determine your priorities.

* The uniforms and equipment are expensive.

* The uniform, including accessories, are issued FREE. Dry-cleaning fees for service uniforms may apply.

*Once I sign up for JROTC I’m stuck in it and can’t get out.

* As with any other class, withdrawals can be coordinated with guidance counselors and with parent/guardian consent.



1.  Gives students an appreciation for the origin, advantages, and responsibilities of citizenships.

2.  Develops an understanding of leadership skills and the advantages of strong moral character.

3.  Promotes in the students an understanding for the need and application of national security.

4.  Develops in students a sense of pride and personal discipline and responsibility.

5.  Develops an understanding and respect for constitutional authority as the foundation of a democratic society.



1.  Students who complete 2 years of JROTC will receive 1 full credit for HOPE (PE) and 1 full credit for Performing Arts.

2.  Students who complete 2 years of JROTC may be entitled to advance promotion to the grade of no less than E-2 on initial enlistment in an active or reserve component of the military.

3.  Students who complete 3 years of JROTC may be awarded (at the discretion of the Military Department) the grade of E-3.

4.  Instruction in Leadership, Citizenship, Organizational Skills, Self-Discipline, Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Team Building Skills , Leadership Ethics, Respect/Courtesy, Punctuality, Standards, Methods of Instruction, Physical Fitness, Managing Peer Pressure, Stress Management, Map Reading, Orienteering, Service Learning, Economics, Overcoming Adversity, Military History, Personal Finance, Character Values, Personal Fitness, Test Preparation, Basic First Aid, Self Confidence, Self Esteem. 

5.  Life skills!  The development of your personal potential, the enhanced ability to communicate with others, the knowledge and ability to coordinate varied activities, the focused skills to plan, organize and lead group activities and the knowledge and skills to motivate and bring a team together will give the student a distinct advantage in college and/or their career.