Early Release and Late Arrival

Students do not earn credit for periods that they are off-campus through an administrative waiver. In order for a student to have an administrative waiver on his/her schedule a student must meet the following criteria:

 Be in 12th grade
 Have met FSA ELA or concordant
 Have met Algebra 1 EOC or concordant
 Have a minimum 2.5 unweighted grade point average (GPA)
 Has met the criteria to show college and/or career ready (Earned Acceleration Point)
 Have transportation on and/or off-campus (if you are on campus during your late arrival/early release time you will lose your privilege and be placed in a class)

A parent or guardian must certify that the student has transportation. No student with an administrative waiver will be allowed to ride the bus in the morning if they have a late arrival or wait for an afternoon bus if they have early release. Students will have this privilege revoked and will be assigned to a class on campus if they do not comply with this policy.

ER-LA Administrative Waiver.pdf