Success Checklist

My Checklist as a Parent for
My Child's School Success


The Family and School Partnership Act is legislation passed by the Florida State Legislature that intends to strengthen parent involvement with the school through improved communication and awareness of opportunities for involvement. One requirement of the law is that the school district develop a Parent Checklist for parents to use as a self-assessment on how they are involved with their child’s success in school. You may want to post this in your home as a reminder of positive actions for school success.

  • Please review the following statements to see how you can help your child succeed in learning and achieving and how you can become more involved with the school.
  • This review is only for your use and reflection. It is not meant to be returned to the school. It belongs to you as a guide for involvement.
  • You are encouraged to discuss these reflections with your child.

Importance of School Success

  • I talk with my child about how important school is.
  • I encourage my child to do his/her best.
  • I help my child set goals for school.
  • I celebrate school successes with my child.
  • I listen to my child’s concerns about school. I act upon these concerns in a helpful, supportive way.

Focus on Academic Success

  • At home I support many reading and math enrichment activities.
  • At home there is a set time and place for homework to be done.
  • My child has the needed materials for school work and projects.
  • I know what assignments and classwork my child is doing

My Efforts in Communicating with the School

  • I communicate regularly with my child’s teachers by phone, email or written notes.
  • I attend open house, curriculum fairs, plays, special events, parent nights or other school activities.
  • I attend parent and teacher conferences specifically set for my child’s success.
  • When possible, I volunteer to help at the school or with a class or school project or function

 Building Responsibility

  • My child has a regular daily routine for healthy eating, sleeping/waking, and exercise.
  • My child has assigned family chores that contribute to the well-being of the family and home.
  • My child attends school every day and is on time to class.
  • I am aware of the school activities that my child may participate in and I encourage and support my child to be involved.

Focus on Behavior

  • I teach my child respect for self and others, the value of hard work and responsibility.
  • I have read the school Code of Conduct and support good behavior at school.
  • My child understands that there are consequences for misbehavior.
  • I monitor the media that my child is viewing or listening to: television, music, and video games.