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What is Dual Enrollment (DE)?

The Dual Enrollment Program enables qualified public, private and home education students an opportunity to participate in an academic acceleration program. Dual Enrollment allows students to pursue an advanced curriculum that earns the student both high school and college credit simultaneously.


    • Be a resident of Orange or Osceola County and be registered at an Orange or Osceola County public or charter school.
    • Have a 3.0 unweighted cumulative (high school) GPA for grades 6-11 at the time of application or 3.0 weighted cumulative GPA for high school seniors at time of application.
    • Obtain eligible college-ready test scores through the PERT, ACT and/or SAT in all three sections (Reading, Writing/English and Math) by the test score deadline.

    Test Score Requirements

    All Dual Enrollment applicants are required to have college-ready test scores on file at Valencia College by the deadline for the desired term of enrollment. Any combination of eligible scores (see below) will be accepted.


    Reading: 106
    Writing: 103
    Math:  114 (Intermediate Algebra)
                123 (College Algebra)


    Reading: 24
    Writing: 25
    Math: 24 (Intermediate Algebra)
               26.5 (College Algebra)


    Reading: 19
    English: 17
    Math:  19 (Intermediate Algebra)
                21 (College Algebra)

    Benefits of Dual Enrollment

    • Get a head start on earning college credit
    • Gain access to College resources and campus life
    • Explore interesting subjects through a variety of course offerings
    • Engage with different instructional methods available: Classroom, Online, or Mixed-mode
    • Experience the college atmosphere
    • Offset the cost of a college education
    • Stand out among your peers