Parking Pass 101

Who: Any student who will be parking their car at any time on campus.

What: Purchase your parking pass online using the SchoolPay link and bring in all the required documentation. The Full-Year pass 2020-2021 (purchased any time in the first semester) is $60. Second semester only (purchased any time after the start of the second semester) is $30.

When: More information will be posted soon

Where: SchoolPay link to be posted soon

How: More information will be posted soon

Purchase your parking pass through SchoolPay

Bring in all required documentation:

  • UHS ID
  • Valid Driver License
  • Vehicle Registration(s)
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Completed Parking Application
  • SchoolPay Parking Pass Receipt


NOTE: Any missing or incomplete required documents will delay distribution of parking decals.


Helpful links:

New Link Will Be Posted Soon- Fill in ALL sections on the application and have the required signatures.

Click here to pay online now.

UHS Student Parking Lot

Please contact Ms. Buck in Room 14-101  ([email protected]) or Ms. DeJesus in Room 14-102 ([email protected]) if you have any student parking related questions or concerns.