HoCo Invite

Homecoming is the tradition of welcoming back former students and members and celebrating an organization's existence. It is a tradition in many high schools and colleges in the United States. Traditionally, homecoming week includes several events and activities to raise school spirit and support for the Homecoming Game.  The Homecoming Dance is the culminating celebration of school pride.

Spirit Week Dress Up Themes and Events

Sunday: Kick Off: “Once a Cougar Always a Cougar” Family Picnic

Monday: Meet the Court in the Courtyard

Tuesday: Food “Truckin” Tuesday - Bahama Bucks  

Wednesday: Parade and Powder Puff

Thursday: Throwback Thursday - UHS History and Traditions

Friday: Homecoming Game and Crowning King and Queen

Saturday: Homecoming Dance



  • Homecoming tickets can be purchased at Homecoming Tickets. Tickets are $50 through September 18th, and $60 at the door.  Tickets at the door will only be sold to UHS students 
  • Tickets can be picked up 10 mins after A lunch begins, anytime during B lunch, and Ms. Arbelaez's room 14-101 after school September 9-18th.

NOTE: Upon arriving at the dance, students without ID’s will wait at the end of the line until all those with ID’s are admitted. Don’t wait, bring your ID! Dress Code is Semi-Formal Attire (No jeans, sneakers, etc.)

Please contact Ms. Buck in Room 14-101  ([email protected]) or Ms. DeJesus in Room 14-102   ([email protected]) if you have any  questions or concerns.