Dual Enrollment

Sign up for the Dual Enrollment Remind by texting @UHSDE1819 to 81010.

Dual Enrollment textbook/material returns will be December 3-18, 7am-1:30pm. Remember to bring all textbooks, online access code cards, lab manuals, workbooks, CDs/DVDs, etc. and your receipt!

If you haven't joined the Remind group, please do so to get up-to-date information about Spring textbooks/vouchers!

Remember to email a copy of your Spring schedule to your UHS Guidance Counselor so they can check to make sure you are meeting UHS graduation requirements with your dual enrollment classes.

Please see below for information regarding the Dual Enrollment Textbook voucher process. The Media Center is able to write vouchers for Dual Enrollment textbooks no more than 2 weeks before the start of the semester and no more than 2 weeks after the start of the semester.
Please bring the following items with you to your voucher appointment:
 UHS or Valencia/UCF student ID
 Dual Enrollment schedule with name printed on it 
 Textbook list
 Any books, CDs, lab manuals, access cards, etc. from the previous semester that need to be returned AND receipt from bookstore (if books/items were issued from a voucher)

Students will be issued books/items from stock in the Media Center and/or a voucher for each class.

Any books/items issued from the UHS Media Center and/or through the voucher MUST be returned at the end of the college semester.

Students will be financially responsible for any books/items not returned at the end of the semester.

Students will be unable to receive another voucher until the books/items are returned or the financial obligation is paid.