Theory of Knowledge

International Baccalaureate World School Program at University High School


Description of Course

The Theory of Knowledge (ToK) course is the cornerstone of the IB Diploma Programme. The focus of the course is to help students to critically think about knowledge itself. The student becomes the knower by asking core questions such as:

What counts as knowledge?

How does knowledge grow?

What are the limits of knowledge?

Who owns knowledge?

What is the value of knowledge?

What are the implications of having, or not having, knowledge?



The assessment of ToK comprises of two components:

Part 1 - External Assessment (40 points)

An essay is to be completed on a prescribed title provided by the IBO for each examination session. The essay should be 1200-1600 words in length.


Part 2 - Internal Assessment (20 points)

A presentation is to be conducted to the class. In addition, a written presentation planning document and presentation marking form provided by the ToK teacher will also be completed. Each presentation should be approximately 10 minutes per student.

Theory of Knowledge Presentation

The following documents will

guide IB students in preparing for

the Theory of Knowledge




TOK Guide 2020

TOK Guide 2015

Understanding Knowledge Issues

TOK Presentation Structure

TOK Presentation Structure Blank

TOK Prescribed Titles May 2015