Fundamental Food Service Skills

Fundamental Food Service Skills

This program offers a sequence of courses that provides coherent and relevant commercial foodservice knowledge and skills needed to prepare for further education and careers in the Hospitality & Tourism career cluster; provides technical skill proficiency, and includes competency-based applied learning, general employability skills, technical skills, and occupation-specific hands-on technical skills. The program is designed to prepare students for entry-level work positions or further culinary training and education based on basic culinary skills and practices to be successful in today’s commercial kitchens.


Course Progression:

Year 1 HMV0101K/HMV0101L Intro to Food Prep
Year 2 HMV0101M/HMV0101N Intro to Food Prep
Year 3 HMV0102K/HMV0102L Cooking Methods and Techniques
Year 4 HMV0102M/HMV0102N Cooking Methods and Techniques

Certification(s) Available: